There are two Committee Convenors, who are responsible for sendind out announcements and conducting online meetings.


There are no membership or affiliation fees. The Committee does not have bank accounts and does not collect or distribute any finances. Member organisations cover their own participation costs and expenses. Any solidarity financial assistance by a member organisation to any group of workers is managed directly by the comrades involved.


The Committee holds online meetings. Meetings are chaired by one of the Convenors. Meetings run for two hours. The first hour is an optional training session on using the online software. The second hour is the Committee meeting.

Members of the Committee may invite workers involved in disputes or genuine labour movement activists to attend a meeting.

Meetings are in English. Interpreting and translating are organised by members at their locations if required.

Standard Agenda
Committee meetings have a standard agenda:

Software training
(Optional. Duration: One hour)
Meetings are conducted using Zoom

Introductions & apologies

Proposed new Global Picketlines
New Global Picketline that are proposed must have objectives. Two Coordinators (from different  organisations) and three Researches must be appointed for each Global Picketline.

Active Picketlines
Reports on Global Picketlines that are already running. Decisions to continue or conclude campaign activities. Appointment or replacement of Coordinators and Researchers.

Committee structure
Any proposals to make changes Committee structure or rules.

Other business

Next meeting

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