This Global Day to stop the repression against unionists was initiated in 2014 as a joint project by a number of labour organisations in the Asia Pacific region.

The 16th of November is the anniversary of the Hacienda Luisita massacre in The Philippines in 2004.

This Global Day gives us an opportunity to stand together internationally for our rights as a class.
Our demands are:
• Stop the killings of workers and unionists
• Free our comrades in jail
• Organising is not a crime
• Stop sexual violence against women workers
• Support unions as they save workers’ lives
• Un-organised workers are used as cheap labour, a living wage for all

We call on all workers and labour organisations to organise actions and events on this day in support of workers rights, call for the of repression against our brothers and sisters, and to stand together united around the world as a class.

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