The Global Labour Movement Charter was initially discussed at a workshop held at the International Solidarity Forum, an international conference held in October 2007, in Melbourne Australia.

The charter was then developed in discussions with many unions and labour movement organisations internationally over the next three years.


We need a Global Labour Movement Charter

  • The right of all workers to organise collectively without being subjected to violence, intimidation or legal harassment
  • The right to organise unions and take collective action including industrial action and solidarity actions
  • Secure employment
  • Health & Safety at work, compensation, rehabilitation
  • A living wage for all workers in all industries
  • Decent work, with appropriate hours of work proposed
    by workers, paid leave and paid holidays
  • Full rights for women workers
  • Indigenous workers’ rights & Land Rights
  • Permanent residence with full employment rights for all refugees and all migrant workers in all countries
  • No child labour
  • Education, housing, health and childcare provisions
  • Social security and adequate welfare benefits


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