The economy is global. Companies compete globally for profit. They search the world for the cheapest labour and materials and the most pro-business governments.

Companies move their factories to low-wage countries. They try to stop workers organising. They casualise and contract out workers. They push workers to produce more and work longer hours. They cut back on Occupational Health and Safety. They import temporary workers. They encourage racism, sexism and nationalism to divide workers.

In every country, every day, workers face these pressures. Everywhere workers need a living wage, secure work and a safe workplace. This is a life and death struggle for all workers.

To win, workers need to unite across borders. Companies are global. Workers’ resistance must be international.

Division between workers stops workers organising together.

We resist all forms of racism, sexism, nationalism and religious conflict. We need to build an international struggle-  Because when workers are united, they can never be defeated.

Let’s build our resistance. Let’s build a Global Picketline.

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